Why Is Kayla’s BBG Workout Plan So Famous

why is kayla's bbg workout so famous

Kayla Itsines who was born in Adelaide, Australia has been getting women bikini ready for quite a few years now. Her BBG workout plan has reached the far corners of the world, and the before and after transformations have been rolling in ever since.

Having started as a personal trainer for women, she didn’t really see how famous her tailor made workouts were going to be someday. Ladies from all over the world were messaging her and asking how she does it, or could she be their personal trainer. She then decided to put it all in an ebook. Within minutes her website crashed with the amount of people wanting her book.

BBG Workout Plan Is Designed For Women

One of the things that make the BBG workout so famous is that Kayla Itsines is a real role model. She lives what she teaches. Her spunky can do attitude is what makes us women actually relate to her. Yes, she has a body to die for. But she’s been doing this for years. And she wants other women to feel good about themselves too.

Kayla’s Instagram has so many inspiring posts, and she is active almost every day. You can follow her own journey while at the same time being on yours. The fact that she’s reachable and real is definitely a part of why the BBG workout is so famous.

BBG Really Works

The BBG workout is so famous because it works. There are tons of success stories of women who did the program and came out looking beach ready. It helps that the workout only requires 28 minutes out of your day. So it’s something you can fit into before work or before making supper when you get home from work.

You also don’t need a gym membership to get your workouts done. Which saves you a lot of money in the long run. If you have the BBG and the equipment required, you have everything you need to get your body bikini ready. The things you’ll need to do your workouts are dumbbells, bosu, medicine ball, yoga mat, skipping rope and a bench. Many of us don’t have a bench so any flat surface will make do.

Real Women Are getting Bikini Bodies

Women from all over the world with all body types are doing the BBG workouts and seeing results. Just search BBG before and after and you’ll see hundreds of women who changed their lives by following Kayla Itsines BBG workout.

This isn’t just for celebrities but for the women who make up the world. Even though Kayla has quite a few famous people who follow her on social media. The vast majority are women just like you and me.

Kayla Itsines BBG workout is famous because it works. And it’s accessible to anyone who is interested in taking on the challenge of bettering themselves. It isn’t just a quick fix and will be with you for the long run. And Kayla will be cheering on the sidelines along with all her followers.

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