Who Is Kayla Itsines?

who is kayla itsines

Are you wondering who is Kayla Itsines? Besides being an internet sensation for her BBG Program, and plastering her followers’ pictures-their amazing Before and After pictures all across her Instagram account, she’s a personal trainer from Australia.

Kayla Itsines is;

  • Founder of the Bikini Body Guide workout program
  • Started being a personal trainer after she got a Master Trainer certification from Australia Institute of Fitness
  • Focus on women’s fitness and health issues
  • Developed adjusted fitness program that differed from what was at accepted at mainstream fitness centers

Her whole program includes fitness through exercise and nutrition via research-based techniques, and it eventually became the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide.  She is currently an internet sensation for helping women to transform their body forms.

You may have come across the #BBG hashtag on Instagram and if you’re wondering what that means, you should read about what does BBG mean.

First, is the Kayla Itsines workouts.

They start slowly like a dumb-downed version and then ramp up slowly.  This is especially for people where the muscles end up being strained even with just a little exercise, because it’s been so long since they’ve regularly worked out. Alternatively, they’ve just not done the activities as required by BBG program, so they have to learn about it too.   Another way to think of Kayla Itsines Workout is as a slow build up of increasingly more challenging exercises so as to build stamina and also let the person to learn the basic mechanics of each type of motion.

Second, H.E.L.P Nutrition Books.

Not only does her website discuss the workout manuals (both 1.0 and 2.0),  but they also mention the two nutrition books, HELP and HELP for vegetarians.

So there are;

  • menu suggestions
  • research-based information pieces about ways to stimulate metabolism
  • research-based ways to burn fat
  • how to eliminate behavioral issues and general bad habits as associated with eating.

Third, Staying Committed.

There are mixed reviews. Some say that it’s too hard to stay with the program as long as she has it put together, and that perhaps effects could be done in a shorter period of time. Some say the exercises are too similar, too repetitive and so it’s easy to face burnout.

Too expensive? …. Or, not that bad?

Other reviewers discuss the expense of the program. They say the Kayla Itsines purchase price is too expensive. Altogether as a bundle, the cost was $210, whereas when compared to  competitive and similar products, these other were sold for under $100.  There was another reviewer who found the bundle to only cost $39 from Kayla’s discount website.

There are some equipment to buy. The list includes:

  • benches or steps
  • dumbbell weights (one for each hand)
  • skipping rope

These are items you’d have to purchase anyway if you were to start an exercise program without a gym membership.  So some were upset at purchasing other items, but I had no problem with that.

If you’re interested in Kayla’s BBG workout plan, you can read my experience with it here.

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