Who Am I?

My Gym Pic

I’m glad you found my site. I started it to help other girls (and women, too) who have been overweight their whole life and thought they’d never be able to find a solution to their weight problems.

My name is Mirla Sabino, I’m 23 years old and I’m from a small town outside of Rome. I left Italy to attend a university here in the U.S., and after I graduated I stayed to accept a job offer I received during my senior year of college. (As I explain elsewhere on the site I had someone else proofread what I’ve written, but English isn’t my first language so please forgive any grammar mistakes that I may make.)

I’ve always been a heavy girl. That’s not easy anywhere, but it’s even worse in Italy where (as you probably know) the feminine figure is worshiped. As a schoolgirl many of my skinny classmates made fun of me, so I didn’t have much self-confidence growing up. I stayed at home most of the time, while they were all out having fun.

Things got worse for me in college, because I was trying to study in English and adjust to a new country without any friends to count on. Eventually I made a couple of friends but I was still lonely, depressed and hated my body. Like many people, I tried to make myself feel better by eating even more. My ‘best friends’ were named Papa John, Ben and Jerry throughout my college years, and I gained even more weight. I was more than 40 pounds overweight by my senior year.

Everything started to change for me, believe it or not, because of an insult. After I graduated college I went home to visit my family – and the first words out of my sister’s mouth were “My God, Mirla, you look like a whale!”

I was devastated and locked myself in my room with some gelato and my phone. But on Instagram I came across someone named Kayla Itsines, a physical trainer who created a weight loss and fitness program called the “BBG Workout.” She had posted all kinds of pictures showing girls’ before and after photos, and they were amazing. They hadn’t just lost weight, their bodies were completely transformed and looked gorgeous.

When I got back to America I decided it was time I made a serious effort to change my life. So I checked out Kayla’s website, and decided to try her Bikini Body Guide. It’s a 12-week exercise and diet program (which turned into 24 weeks, as I explain in my complete review of the BBG).

It was difficult at first, because I had to exercise for the first time in my life while totally changing what and how I ate.

But Kayla makes it as easy as possible. I ended up enjoying the BBG more than I could have imagined – and believe it or not, I ended up losing 35 pounds and easily fitting into a bikini for the first time since I was little. My “transformation pictures” look as amazing as the ones I saw on Instagram! (And now I love going out on the town. I’m not hiding in my apartment anymore!)

I decided I had to let other girls who are in the same situation know that there really is hope, and that the Bikini Body Guide might be able to help them the same way it helped me. That’s why I tell my story on this site, to tell everyone that it’s not impossible to change your life and have a body you can be proud of. If my “before” story sounds familiar to you, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my journey to a healthy, beautiful body and that it helps you to find your own happiness.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can use the contact details here or direct message me on my Instagram.