What is BBG Workout by Kayla Itsines?

what is bbg workout

Are you wondering what is BBG workout? BBG workout is:

  • Bikini Body Guide workout plan created by Kayla Itsines
  • BBG 1.0 is for the first twelve weeks
  • BBG 2.0 is for weeks 13-24

Kayla Itsines, a millennial fitness guru, has designed an incredible and comprehensive diet and exercise guide she calls a “BBG workout”, which is short for “Bikini Body Guide”.

Kayla Itsines’ Fitness Empire now includes a mobile fitness app called the Sweat with Kayla app as well as the thing that started it all – the BBG workout eBooks!

So what is the meaning of BBG and how can it help you?

Kayla decided to create a customized series of workouts aimed specifically at women after her time working at a women’s only center in Adelaide, Australia, revealed the shortcomings of non-targeted exercises in terms of getting woman’s bodies into shape.

So, she took her experiences as a trainer and sat down to create a 12-week workout guide along with various meal plans to suit both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets.

The result of her applying know-how and common sense to diet and exercise has been the BBG.

What is BBG Fitness?

You may be asking what is the BBG fitness plan exactly? The BBG is a set of comprehensive, content-rich exercise guides that take you through 24 weeks of workouts.

According to Kayla’s site, the program begins with smaller challenges that then increase in difficulty as your body gets more tuned and toned over time.

The guides are presented in easy-to-use formats, with image-rich glossaries of each move so that you are sure to execute them with the correct level of intensity and proper form…meaning your chances of getting injured are greatly decreased.

So what is BBG workout all about?

BBG has been wildly successful because it is a holistic way of looking at diet and exercise. Kayla’s philosophy is that the best way to get in shape is by putting in the hard work, exercising and following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

You won’t find any crash dieting here!

The eating plan outlines reasons to eat a healthy and balanced diet, as well as gives you tips and tricks on getting started along with a 14-day meal plan containing substitutions and easy recipes (along with shopping lists!).

A BBG workout is just under thirty minutes of high intensity, plyometrics-based exercise circuits. To maintain the theme of addressing all parts of a healthy lifestyle, Kayla is equally well rounded in her approach to the workout, covering injury, rehab, stretching, and cool downs on top of the 28-minue resistance sessions.

The real draw of Kayla’s BBGs is its proven effectiveness for women of all fitness levels and abilities. According to her site, “These are real women. Just like you. Any shape. Any size. Any fitness level.”

Kayla has an incredible following on Instagram and Facebook, and you only need to type in “BBG” on social media to see the amazing worldwide impact her strategies have had.

But for those of you who are still skeptical, you may be asking yourself what is a BBG workout good for?

Check out this list of benefits that come from BBG:

  • A global support network of women through Instagram and Facebook to keep you encouraged, engaged and on track!
  • Workouts and meal plans that are adaptable to your life
  • The ability to workout when you want, where you want, and in the privacy of your own home if you so choose
  • Access to comprehensive guides for workouts and meals to take all the guesswork out of the equation

Who is Kayla Itsines Actually?

Australian native Kayla Itsines has always had a passion for helping people and pursuing fitness in a sustainable way. BBG allows her to unite both in the best way possible!

Since she launched her personal brand, she has helped millions of women across the world achieve their health and fitness goals.

Kayla’s workouts follow the same pattern of two circuits of seven minutes each. While the workouts themselves aren’t easy, they are reasonable and effective.

When you think you can’t push any longer, you have her entire legion of followers and success stories to look to for inspiration!

Kayla promises that “Wherever you are, you’ll never workout alone again,” which has been the difference for a lot of us women who don’t have the resources to join a gym and hire a trainer, nor the motivation to create and push through intense workouts on our own.

One fan gushed, “Once I came to know about her on Instagram, I really had…such a great support from the BBG community. Kayla and the success stories of her clients really motivated me to exercise often and eat well”.

And that’s exactly the type of community that 25-year old Itsines wanted to create, one where women the world over can unite around the common goal of getting healthy in a good way.

Get fit, get healthy, and get happy!

You won’t find crash diet tips or overly aggressive workouts that could potentially lead to injuries here. In that way, Itsines is a fitness traditionalist, expounding on the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise.

That is why, for millions of women, Kayla’s BBG has been the answer to struggles with body dysmorphia, crash dieting, and self-confidence.

For a relatively low cost, you can try out the world-famous Bikini Body Guide and decide for yourself whether investing the time and energy into just about 30 minutes of exercise could be worth it for you…just like it did for me!

The workouts themselves are dummy-proof, with step-by-step illustrations and glossaries of commonly used fitness terms that make sure you are maintaining the correct posture and intensity during your workouts.

I’ve personally transformed my body and health with the BBG workout and you can read about how it helped me here.

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