What Does BBG Mean On Instagram Fitness Hashtags?

what does bbg mean on instagram

What Does BBG Mean? The #BBG acronym is world famous thanks to millennial fitness guru, Kayla Itsines. BBG Means:

  • Bikini Body Guide Plan
  • The BBG workouts and detailed nutrition guides have changed the lives of millions of devoted fans.

Itsines is the quintessential millennial powerhouse. She has made herself into the go-to woman for a quick, fat-busting workout and has built up a network of inspiration on social media.

BBG meaning;

BBG is an acronym for “Bikini Body Guide”, which is what Kayla Itsines’ set of eBooks on workout routines and healthy eating guides are called.

You can read my article on who is Kayla Itsines to learn more about her, or what is BBG workout all about.

What does BBG mean on Instagram?

The hashtag #BBG as I’ve explained above means ‘Bikini Body Guide’. Kayla and her clients use that hashtag to post their transformation pictures and also motivational posts.

A unique aspect of BBG is the level of involvement Kayla encourages her followers to have on social media. The BBG world of Instagram is HUGE and growing! That means you have access to friends and supporters around the world when you need them.

So what does BBG mean in Instagram and how can it help me? What that means for those of us who are connected to Kayla on Instagram is simple…motivation is, quite literally, at your fingertips.

Millions of followers on Instagram must be onto something!

Kayla has millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook, but she didn’t just spring into Instagram fame overnight. Kayla’s journey to fitness guru-dom was hard work. And yes, guru-dom is a made-up word, but try and think of one that better describes Kayla’s dominance of the fitness market!

These days, getting a fitness movement started involves a ton of marketing, intelligence, and chutzpah. Kayla has proven her worth on all fronts.

Why did Kayla design her Bikini Body Guide?

After working as a personal trainer in a gym in Adelaide, Australia, Kayla realized that the way fitness plans was marketed and designed for women was not really effective to help women get a body that they’ll be proud to flaunt at the beach.

She decided to create an exercise plan which target typical problem areas that women normally struggle with. Kayla then created the BBG workout plan which is a simple but effective 28-minute series of workouts to help you get the body that you’ll be proud of in a Bikini.

The BBG Workout has brought women from all parts of the world together in an effort to get fit and healthy in the most effective way possible. Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide community has made it easier for women to get in great shape in a healthy and sustainable way.

What makes BBG unique?

  • It is a holistic and hard-hitting combo of nutrition tips and detailed food guides that make it easy to follow (and hard to quit!).
  • It contains months of incredible, body-blasting workouts with accompanying guides so you can make sure you are hitting moves with the right intensity and form.
  • Plyometrics and cardio are all rolled into one, for maximum effect!
  • You gain access to an incredible community of women around the world to keep you motivated and on track!
  • Workouts that are under 30 minutes to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Why are Kayla’s BBGs effective?

They take into account the reality of an everyday working woman or mother doesn’t have the time to spend hours on exercise each day.

We want an effective workout, easy to follow meal plans and a schedule that we don’t have to sit down and chart out for ourselves. Kayla gives us all of that and so much more.

Kayla has designed the perfect fitness regime based on commonsense observations about what was actually working for her and her clients. That means the 28-minutes you spend working out are highly effective.

Combine this with the healthy eating tips and tricks that Kayla’s custom-designed meal plans provide and you are well on your way to having your very own bikini body!

Why should you try out Kayla Itsines’ BBG?

  • The BBG has a proven track record of success, just log onto Instagram and look up #kaylaitsines, #BBG, or #sweatwithkayla to see success stories from her and her millions of followers
  • It is cost effective. The only other way to get as good of a workout is to join a gym and hire a trainer. That can run you hundreds a month, thousands per year. Kayla’s BBG was designed with those of us who have financial responsibilities that do NOT include an expensive gym membership in mind.
  • The 12-week commitment is a low-cost investment for a high return result!
  • It is versatile. Kayla has designed versions of her BBG and diet plan for folks who like their meat as well as those who abstain. You’ll be sure to get adequate nutrition for whatever your dietary requirements are, which will then fuel some awesome workouts during your transition into a bikini-sporting goddess!

Read about my personal experience with Kayla’s BBG workout and you’ll see why it is so effective and fun!

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