Get Rid Of Unwanted Thigh Fat And Tone Up With These 9 Kayla Itsines Workout

get rid of thigh fat

NOTE TO SELF: It is important to realize that you cannot spot reduce on any part of your body, particularly the weight on your thighs.

Follow these 9 tips to help slim down those thighs for toned and sculpted legs.

    The key to reducing your total body fat is by burning calories. Increasing your heart rate through cardio based exercise is going to help you succeed. Choosing cardio exercises that burn the most calories are best. Go for activities such as running, biking or skipping. These exercises will also utilise your leg muscles to strengthen and tone! Try to incorporate 5 sessions of 45 – 60 minutes a week. Vary the type each session to ensure you don’t get bored.
    Vamp up your treadmill session and stop running the flat stuff and getting now where. Add some incline or even better yet, get outside and run or bike up some hills! Your heart rate will skyrocket causing you to work harder and burn more calories! Putting in the hard work on the hills will allow you to activate your quads, hamstrings and your gluteal to tone your entire lower body.
    Cardio is great to shed that layer of fat around your hips and thighs but the toning to create leaner legs will only come if you build some strength and muscle. Complete variations of lower body exercises such as squats and lunges to sculpt your thighs and butt to gain a slim and lean look. Kayla Itsines Workout is a great guide for this!
    Don’t. Skip. Breakfast! The first meal of the day is important in getting your metabolism going for the day. Having an increased metabolism helps to burn fat and aid in revealing those toned legs. Ensure you don’t have a sugary breakfast and instead opt for foods that contain protein and complex carbohydrates filled with fiber. Protein will keep you full for longer and help build muscle. Carbohydrates will keep you full but also give you energy for the day. Fiber will help with digestion and make sure you are regular.
    Keep your metabolism firing throughout the day by eating every few hours. It is recommended to eat something small every 2- 3 hours to keep you fuel and ensure you do not over eat. A small snack between meals should be high in protein and fiber to provide you with energy and under 150 calories.

Exercise alone will not get you to your weight-loss and toning goals. An important factor to consider is the calories you are taking in. Know your calorie intake so you do not overeat. Although it seems like a lot of work, try keeping a food diary. It will keep you aware of your consumption and accountable to your goals. Research has shown that keeping a food diary allowed those who did to loose twice as much weight as those who didn’t.

    Water is the essence of life. Avoid soft drinks, juices and other sweetened drinks. These beverages have hundreds of extra calories you do not necessarily need and only set you back. Ensure to reach for water instead. It has no calories and will keep you hydrated which aids in the weight-loss process. Keep it close by carrying a water bottle wherever you go. Try to sip often and make it a habit.

Get your 8 hours! This is just an approximate value but getting enough sleep is vital. A proper nights rest has been shown to aid in weight-loss. If you are sleepy you are more likely to reach for sugary and unhealthy snacks, making you tired throughout the day not to mention when you go to work out.

    We cannot help what genetics we are blessed with. You may be lucky and blessed with a pear-shaped body because your mother, sister grandma and aunties all do too. We can’t do too much about this and taking care of ourselves by eating correctly and exercising regularly can only do so much in regards to genetics. Try not to obsess about what you cannot change and embrace looking after yourself by living a healthy lifestyle and doing what you can.

Live a happy life and enjoy the thighs you were given! Learn who is Kayla Itsines and how she can help you get those sexy thighs!

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