My Fitness Tips

strength training for women

Staying healthy and fit is the secret desire of almost everyone, regardless of whether you are a health buff or not. There are tons of exercises one can engage in to achieve such results but in the midst of these teeming fitness options, strength training stands out. Strength training programs…

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why you are not losing weight

You may be doing everything by the book. You may be doing more than the people around you, yet you still can’t seem to lose the extra few kilos you need to have the body you want. I’m sure you’ve always wondered what more you need to do to reach…

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get rid of cellulite and facts

Oh Cellulite! Those annoying dimples and bumps that we most commonly see on us women’s upper things. Oh, how frustrating it is! It is also a virtually unavoidable factor of life. Collagen fibers – the primary structural protein found in connective tissue – when stretched and torn they bind fat…

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