6 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Strength Training

strength training for women

Staying healthy and fit is the secret desire of almost everyone, regardless of whether you are a health buff or not. There are tons of exercises one can engage in to achieve such results but in the midst of these teeming fitness options, strength training stands out. Strength training programs like Kayla Itsines BBG will help you tremendously. I’ll recommend you to use Kayla Itsines Discount Code now to get the BBG program!

Strength training basically involves the use of force and resistance to develop skeletal muscles. It is a purely physical exercise whose benefits cannot be overemphasized. If you still have doubts about engaging in strength training, here are six major reasons why you should.

  • Improved overall health

For most people, the whole point to exercising is to remain healthy or get healthier. Strength training satisfies this need by controlling blood sugar, elevating cholesterol levels, toning up muscles, increasing bone density and reducing blood pressure. It also increases overall fitness and improves one’s posture. Indeed, with continuous strength training, one can get taller. Strength training improves cardiac functions, strengthens the heart and lungs and by so doing, helps to prevent heart diseases.

  • Reduced potential for injury

Your state of health determines your susceptibility to injuries and physical disabilities. Strength training therefore plays a two-fold role. It improves your health and at the same time, lowers the risk of injury and infirmities. This is quite beneficial to old people and individuals prone to or suffering from bone weakness or loss. Strength training prevents bone frailty and loss of muscle tissue by enhancing bone density and increasing muscle function, thus reducing the frailty and increasing the strength of the older generation.

  • Weight loss

One of the indisputable benefits of strength training is the ability to lose weight quickly and effectively. Strength training burns fat and builds muscles. It decreases body fat by burning up unnecessary calories, giving you that lean, tight look you’ve been aiming for.

  • Increased strength

Just as the name implies, strength training strengthens you. It toughens up your tendons and ligaments and increases your bone muscle. Simply put, strength training makes you pretty strong.

  • Attractive appearance

Picked up a romance novel or paperback recently? Try scanning through the pages and you would find out the model man: Tall, broad-shouldered, slim waist and definitely muscled. Strength training offers you the opportunity to be the man of her dreams. It gives you a sexy and attractive look that would definitely have the ladies swooning at your feet. Looking good is not restricted to the males alone. Women can also develop firm toned physiques which are undeniably desirable.

  • Excellent sports performance

Nowadays, lots of sports use strength training activities in their workout routines and training regimens. Football, basketball, wrestling, and even soccer require athletes to engage in strength training. Your impressive sport skills coupled with effective strength training would surely make you a force to be reckoned with in your team.

Handy Tips Worth Remembering While Strength Training

Now you are psyched and very eager to start strength training. However, take a deep breath and pen the following tips down:

  • Exercise safely

Strength training is a safe exercise. However, just like every activity on earth, appropriate precautions need to be taken to avoid injuries. Helmets, gloves, boots, wrist straps and guards should be used where necessary. Remember, better safe than sorry.

  • Start with the basics

This is a key point that must not be overlooked. If this is your first time strength training, then it’s advisable to start small and easy and gradually progress to the complicated and very strenuous workouts. Use the barbells to engage in basic exercises such as squats, bench presses and deadlifts. Give your body a chance to acclimatize to your new training regime. Failure to do so can prove to be quite injurious to your health.

  • Diet properly

There really is no point in strength training if you are not going to eat properly. A light and balanced meal should be taken before workout. Foods rich in energy, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates are recommended.

  • Hydrate

Strength training is an intense exercise, thus it is essential to consume liquids before, during and after workouts to prevent dehydration. Protein shakes and glucose drinks are important sources of hydration. Water however remains the best source of hydration. In strength training, having a water-binge is definitely a good thing.

  • Know your limits

Strength training should be a gradual and consistent routine, not an immediate muscle-getter to be abandoned immediately you’ve gained a few muscles. Once you have this right mentality, you would never deliberately overtax your muscles beyond their advisable limits.

  • Get adequate supervision

This mainly applies to children, old people and paraplegics. Their workout routines should be planned by a professional and fitness expert. While training, they should be well monitored and observed to avoid injuries and to ensure maximum output and enjoyment.

Finally, injury and strength training do not mix. If injured, sit it out. Never strength train when suffering from an injury until you are fully recovered, except otherwise stated by either your doctor, physician or personal trainer.

Strength training is fun and healthy. Everyone is doing, even your favourite celebrities. So, what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon today and improve your health.


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